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Since the club started to pick up more members in 2013 the Sunday Social ride has been a main stay in our cycling diary.  The ride is usually between 30 and 50 miles long and where possible it will be planned to include a stop at a coffee shop for a well-earned cake.


We encourage both new and experienced riders of all abilities to come along and meet and join us on these rides.


We are now running 2 separate groups on our sunday social.  There is a social group pace ride of around 15mph average which will suit most riders just starting out to those more experienced riders wanting a social experience. There is a faster paced ride aimed at the more experienced faster riders wanting more of a testing pace!  Both groups follow the same route which is posted in the week leading up to the day.  If you have a GPS device we would suggest downloading the route to your device from the strava link provided on the home page.


The pace is dictated by the slowest riders on the day and no one is ever left behind.  The rides are a perfect opportunity to introduce yourself to other like minded cyclists, they are a great place to hunt down riding partners, learn about cycling skills and mechanical problems, seek advice and make new friends.


We do ask that riders come prepared - This means you should bring adequate drink and some energy boosting snacks with you to keep you fueled up. A banana or two is usually a good start and some dedicated sports nutrition items such as energy bars or gels are an ideal choice.


It is also important to bring a spare innertube of the correct size on the ride with you. This will make getting you back up and running a lot easier should you incur a puncture.


We have put together some information about riding in groups and it might be useful to read this before coming along.


Please see home page for upcoming events for our route this coming week.

The Sunday Social...

Leaves Costa Coffee, Marshalls Yard, Gainsborough

Every Sunday Morning at 09:00

Leisure Cent Crop