Reliability Rides

During the colder months when the competitive cycling calendar is empty of road racing and time trial dates, reliability rides give cyclists the opportunity to test themselves both physically and mentally against their own personal goals or just ride in a group at your normal pace!


The format for reliability rides is different to a time trial or a road race. The ridee organiser will chooses a set route in the normal way but before leaving the start line each rider must choose a specific time band that they must try and complete the course in.


If the rider selects time band "A" (the fastest) but crosses the finish line in time band "B, C, D or E" (ie slower than predicted) they dont attain that weeks commendation! This may be in the form of certificates or similar at the yearly presentation.


Primarily they are supposed to be fun, interesting rides where you can, if you wish, challenge yourself to a higher group as the weeks progress.


Trent Valley Road Club runs a series through the winter months, normally these trials take place on a sunday - Check the club calendar for dates