Date         Promoting club      Event         Course        Start Area        Start Time

28th Mar   PCC                     5.6ml          TV5/2         Carr Lane         18-30hrs


4th Apr      TVRC                  8ml             GA8/1        Laughton Lane  18-30hrs


11th Apr    VVRC                  10ml           GA10/1      Laughton Lane  18-30hrs


18th Apr    PCC                    10.5ml        TV10/2      Laughton Lane  18-30hrs


25th Apr    TVRC                  10ml 2UP     GA10/1      Laughton Lane  18-30hrs


2nd May     VVRC                  15 & 8ml      GA15/1     Laughton Lane   19-00hrs


9th May      PCC                   10.5ml         TV10/2      Laughton Lane  19-00hrs


16th May    TVRC                  10ml           GA10/1      Laughton Lane  19-00hrs


23rd May    VVRC                  5.6ml          TV5/2        Carr Lane         19-00hrs


30th May    PCC                   15 & 8ml      GA15/1      Laughton Lane  19-00hrs


6th Jun      TVRC                  17ml           TV17/1       Laughton Lane  19-00hrs


13th Jun    VVRC                  9ml             GA9/1        Laughton Lane  19-00hrs


20th Jun    PCC                    11ml            TV5/2*2     Carr Lane        19-00hrs


27th Jun    TVRC                  25ml             TV25/1      Laughton Lane  19-00hrs


4th Jul       VVRC                 9ml              GA9/1         Laughton Lane  19-00hrs


11th Jul     PCC                  15 & 8ml        GA15/1       Laughton Lane   19-00hrs


18th Jul     TVRC                 10.5ml          TV10/2        Laughton Lane   19-00hrs


25th Jul     VVRC                 5ml               GA5/1         Marton             19-00hrs


1st Aug      PCC                  11ml             TV5/2*2       Carr Lane         19-00hrs


8th Aug     TVRC                 10ml             GA10/2        Knaith              19-00hrs


15th Aug   VVRC                 10ml             GA10/1        Laughton Lane   18-30hrs


22nd Aug   PCC                  10 & 8ml        TV10/2        Laughton Lane    18-30hrs


29th Aug    TVRC                10ml             GA10/1        Laughton Lane   18-30hrs


5th Sep      VVRC               5.6ml             TV5/2          Laughton Lane    18-30hrs


24th Sep    VVRC         inter-club9mls       GA9/2          Laughton Lane    11-30hrs +BBQ


2017 Club TT events

TLI Road racing and circuit racing info

To ride in any of the TLI events you will need a tli racing licence. These are only £10 for the year and are available by clicking the link button below. The road races are handicapped very well and are available for any abilities, they are well worth a go!

The circuit races are run by Lincoln Wheelers cc and we are able to attend by invitation to any of our first claim members. These are also run under tli rules and we would reccomend you obtain a licence to save you some money! If you need any further info just send us an email.

Email trent valley



2017 Circuit Racing Date’s at Lincolnshire Showground.



Thurs 13th April                       18-45hrs


Thurs 27th April                       19-00hrs


Thurs 11th May                         19-00hrs


Thurs 18th May                       19-00hrs


Thurs 8th June                        19-00hrs


Thurs 6th July                       19-00hrs


Thurs 13th July                     19-00hrs


Thurs 20th July                     19-00hrs


Thurs 7th Sept                     18-45hrs


These events run under T.L.I. rules & regulations. Day licence’s available on the day,but if racing regularly advise getting T.L.I. membership.  www.tlicycling.org.uk


2017 Circuit racing dates

TLI licence link