Club Rules and Other Boring Stuff...

The Rules of the Trent Valley Road Club


1.The name of the Club shall be “TRENT VALLEY ROAD CLUB” referred to in these rules as “THE CLUB”.


2.The objects of the Club shall be:-

2.1 Promotion of all aspects of the sport which include road racing, time trials, touring, Audax, mountain biking, track racing, leisure cycling and cycle cross.

2.2 Promotion of good fellowship in cycling.

2.3 Promotion of safe cycling


3.The Club shall be affiliated to such organisations as is decided at the Annual General Meeting.


4.TVRC strongly recommend that all members have 3rd Party insurance and wear a correctly fitted cycle hat while riding.


5. The membership categories are :

1.Adult members – aged 18 or over on 1st January who have paid the subscription for the current year.

4.2 Junior members – shall be at least 12 and under the age of 18 on joining the Club

2. Day members – cannot vote at meeting or be elected to office


6. A member shall cease to be a member for any of the following reasons:

1.He or she shall resign by notice in writing to the secretary;

2.Their annual subscription shall be in arrears for one month;

3.Any member acting in a manner objectionable or contrary to the interests of the Club shall be called upon by the committee for an explanation, and if that member fails to justify their actions the committee shall have full power to expel them, but the member shall have the right of appeal to a general meeting.


7.  The committee of management shall be elected at the AGM from club members, voted by club members and consist of a minimum of:




Racing Secretary

Press Secretary.


8.The committee shall record minutes of meetings, highlighting decisions made and actions agreed.


9. A meeting of members shall be held as appropriate during the year as advised by the Secretary. Any meetings of all members should be social events with no formal minutes recorded; pressing issues can be dealt with if necessary. The members of the committee should meet as required and report regularly to members.


10.The committee has full power to expend the monies of the Club provided they are applied towards the object of the Club.


11.The AGM of the Club shall be held in October for the presentation of accounts, reports and election of officers.  


12.The Club financial year shall end on 31st August.


13.The Club membership year shall finish on 31st December.  Anyone joining after the 30th September in the same year, shall have their membership monies carried forward for the following year.


14.A special meeting may be called on a requisition signed by not less than five members; the requisition to state clearly the nature of the business.  Not less than seven days notice of such a meeting to be given.  If a special meeting is called to wind up the Club it shall be advertised for two weeks prior giving details of the proposal.

15.No alterations or additions to these rules shall be made unless passed with the consent of at least two- thirds of the members present at the Annual General Meeting.


Trent Valley Road Club - Racing Rules

1.That the rules and recommendations of the CTT (Cycling Time Trials) be adopted.

2.All events must start on time as stated on the club fixtures list.

3.Members wishing to compete in club events (time trials) must sign on with the timekeeper at least 15 minutes before the start time. If riders arrive late it is at the discretion of the timekeeper if their entry is accepted.

4.Private/guest riders (from other clubs) are allowed to compete in club events on condition that the number of riders is suitable according to the weather conditions etc. Guests have to sign the relevant CTT form and they are not eligible for any awards/trophies. Riders not members of a CTT affiliated club must pay for day membership of Trent Valley Road Club in order to race

5.Entry fees (as indicated on the fixtures card) are to be paid to the timekeeper prior to the event start time.

6.The CTT club events declaration to be signed by all riders before being allowed to start. Eligible riders must either be members of Trent valley Road Club a member of any club that is affiliated to the CTT, private members of the CTT with the exception of novice, new or prospective riders who have dispensation under the “Come & Try It” scheme as per CTT rules.  Riders who have paid day membership of Trent valley Road Club.

7.That all rides to qualify for Club Best All Rounder awards (senior/junior/veteran) must be achieved in the club name.

8.The cancellation of any club event due to poor weather or course conditions is the responsibility of the Club Events Secretary.

9.BC (British Cycling) regulations to be enforced for road races.