Club Kit and Clothing



As you can see from the image above our club kit is now suplied by EV2 Sportswear. It is very similar to our previous kit so it will match any items that you have already got.


In terms of jerseys the differences are:

- Micro-tech is the standard jersey material.

- Ultra road is a mesh jersey for very warm conditions.

- Winter drying has a thin fleece lining which is designed for Autumn and erly Spring, 5-10 degrees approximately.


There are also two different types of pads and chamois:

- Memory gel is for shorts

- TRS is for skinsuits

- There is also a third pad which is more suited to women, however it does not appear on the order form, this type of pad is called Pad 120.


Ordering items can be done on the order form below and there is no minimum order quantity. All items do not include VAT and delivery is £10+VAT

per order.


Order form


Sizing Chart


Ordering instructions are as follows:

1. Choose your order from the form above, the only reference needed is our Club name.

2. Email your order to sales@ev2sportswear.co.uk  

3. Club orders will be processed on the 1st of each month.

4. Once the order is processed an invoice will be sent to you with payment instructions. You can pay online.

5. Kit will be delivered in the first week of the following month.


If you have any questions feel free to contact us - Email us


These are some benefits of using EV2 over Champion Systems:

- There is no minimum order (except for accessories such as gloves) so if you want to buy a jersey, you can just order one jersey directly.

- The prices are significantly cheaper than Champion Systems, e.g. one short sleeve jersey is £24.99 plus VAT. The prices are shown on the order form above however, they do not include VAT and delivery is £10 plus VAT for unlimited items.


We also have a new sponsorship arrangement with Mark Johnsons Studio8gym. their logo will appear on all of the new jerseys, jackets and shorts.


Anyone purchasing new kit which has the Studio8gym logo on it will recieve the following benefits from Studio8:

- Studio8gym will offer any current Club member of TVRC free rehabilitation should they sustain an injury or muscular/skeletal issue that impairs them.

This offer is subject to proof of purchase of TVRC new kit clothing with the Studio8gym logo on it.

- Studio8gym will also offer discounts on massage sessions and small group clas training - massage - £10 per session and monthly classes hosted by Mark Johnson - £5 per month