Chain Gang



From April to October TVRC run a chain gang  most weeks on a Thursday Night when the members are not racing. (Please check the Calendar for dates and details)


Unlike the Sunday Social, the ride is a fast paced training run so attendance is limited for those who are able to stay in formation and hold a reasonable pace.


All are welcome to attend but if you are not able keep up there is a possibility you will get dropped. As a general rule - If you can ride a 10 min solo Time Trial in under 30 you will be fine...






A chain gang is a fast effective way to ride a bike - Normally described as group of cyclists in a close knit formation usually of two parallel lines.


The formation comes from the fact that it is harder to cycle at the front of a group than in the shelter of another rider. The rider behind enjoys the slipstream of the rider in front. If one rider were to stay at the front all the time, he would tire and the whole group would slow down. If the lead is rotated, the effort is distributed across the group and the speed can be higher or the individual effort less.


This effect is very significant - up to a 40% reduction in effort for the slip-streaming riders while the lead rider also benefits from reduced drag (somewhat under 10%) due to the air not closing up after him