You know you like riding your bike… It’s exhilarating and enjoyable (most of the time…). It’s fast (sometimes), it’s hard, it improves your physical fitness and helps you maintain a healthy weight. But... It can be lonely.


Do you want to meet new, like-minded people and experience cycling in a group? Have thought about taking part in competitive time trails and races…?

Do you want someone to ride with and learn from? Do you want the opportunity to talk about the difference between compact gears and man gears when your partner just doesn't cut it?


Trent Valley Road Club has been helping it’s members to enjoy riding a bike since it formed in 2011. The clubs more experienced riders can offer technical support, training guidance and technique advice.


The club takes a pro-active approach to encouarging a positive cycling culture in Gainsborough; ON ALL LEVELS. Regardless of your discipline, strengths or weaknesses we want you to feel welcome at Trent Valley Road Club.


We have a competitive and social riding calendar and there is something for riders of all abilities. We are not just interested in specialist racing events, however some of our riders take racing very seriously. We are not just interested in leisurely Sunday jaunts, but we appreciate that cycling is steeped in social culture. So all of this is embraced throughout the club and in joining us you will have the chance to share your own experiences and become part of our adventure.


We have male and female mambers of all ages joining us for a ride every week.


Joining Trent Valley Road Club will give you the oppertunity to join in with all that is good about riding a bike in and around Gainsborough