2017 TT Results

Tuesday 28th March 5.6mile  TV5/2


1st Rob Gregory                     13:29   TT

2nd Andy Codd                       13:39   TT

3rd Mark Leeson                     14:42   TT

4th Lucy Overton                    15:00   TT

5th Paul Freeman                   15:36    RB

6th Stephen Cockerham         15:57    TT

7th Fraser Lilley                     15:59   RB

8th Jim Girven                       16:32   RB

9th Phil Watson                     17:08    TT

Tuesday 4th April 8 mile GA8/1


1st Rob Gregory              20:18     TT

2nd Andy Codd                20:39     TT

3rd Lucy Overton             22:34     TT

4th Mark Leeson              22:42     TT

5th Paul Freeman            23:34     RB

6th George Bramham      23:37     RB

7th Stephen Cockerham  23:49     TT

8th Michael Porter           23:51     RB

9th Fraser Lilley              24:05     RB

10th Jim Girven              24:47     RB

11th Rob Brooks             25:46     RB

12th Phil Watson             26:00    TT

Tuesday 18th April, 10.5 mile TT on TV10/2


1st Rob Gregory 24.34 TT

2nd Andy Codd 24.39 TT

3rd Lucy Overton 27.33 TT

4th Paul Freeman 28.11 RB

5th Stephen Cockerham 28.41 TT

6th Fraser Lilley 28.55 RB

7th Rob Brooks 31.03 RB

8th Phil Watson 32.09 TT

9th Mike Overton 33.16 TT


Tuesday 11th April 10 mile GA10/1


Event was cancelled due to a fire in Laughton Woods.

Tuesday 25th April, 10 mile 2UP TT on GA10/1


Everybody rode solo.

1st Rob Gregory                  24.24   TT

2nd Stephen Cockerham      28.31    TT

3rd Phil Watson                   32.20    TT

Tuesday 2nd May, 15 mile TT on GA15/1


1st Andy Codd                   35.44   TT

2nd Rob Gregory                36.08   TT

3rd Mark Leeson                 39.17   TT

4th Stephen Cockerham      39.23   TT

5th Paul Freeman               39.58   RB

6th Darren Dickinson          40.05   RB

7th Fraser Lilley                 43.53   RB

Phil Watson   (8 mile)         24.53  TT

Tuesday 9th May,10.5 mile TT on TV10/2


1st Rob Gregory                   25.09   TT

2nd Andy Codd                    25.15   TT

3rd Michael Porter                28.00   RB

4th Paul Freeman                 28.37   RB

5th Lucy Overton                 28.54   TT

6th Stephen Cockerham       29.26   TT

7th Phil Watson                   32.55   TT

Fraser Lilley                        DNF

George Bramham                DNF

Tuesday 16th May, 10 mile TT on  GA10/1


1st Rob Gregory                    24.26   TT

2nd Andy Codd                     24.56   TT

3rd Stephen Cockerham        27.49   TT

4th Darren Dickinson            27.57   RB

5th Paul Freeman                 28.21   RB

6th Craig Jones                    29.11   RB

7th Jim Girven                     30.22   RB

Lucy Overton                       DNF

Tuesday 23rd May, 5.6 mile TT on TV5/2


1st Rob Gregory                13.14  TT

2nd Andy Codd                  13.46  TT

3rd Mark Leeson                15.02  TT

4th George Bramham         15.13  RB

5th Mike Porter                  15.21  RB

6th Fraser Lilley                 15.21  RB

7th Jim Girven                   16.38  RB

8th Phil Watson                 17.35  TT

9th Mike Overton               18.33  TT

Tuesday 30th May, 15 mile TT on GA15/1.


1st Rob Gregory                  35.21 TT

2nd Andy Codd                   36.02 TT

3rd Mark Leeson                 39.55 TT

4th Paul Freeman               40.00 RB

5th Stephen Cockerham     40.57 TT

6th Darren Dickinson         42.04 RB

7th Jim Girven                  42.52 RB

8th Fraser Lilley                42.58 RB


George Bramham              22.17 RB

Tuesday 6th June, 17 mile TT on TV17/1


Cancelled due to weather and increased traffic through the woods.

Tuesday 13th June, 9 mile TT on GA9/1


1st Rob Gregory                   20.30  TT

2nd Andy Codd                     21.22  TT

3rd Paul Freeman                 23.15   RB

4th Fraser Lilley                   23.21   RB

5th Stephen Cockerham        23.33  TT

6th George Bramham           23.37  RB

7th Paul Freeman                 29.53  RB

8th Mark Leeson                  24.26   TT

9th Keith Hudson                 27.12   RB

10th Mike Overton               27.29  TT

Phil Watson                         DNF

Tuesday 20th June, 11 mile TT on TV5/2 x2


1st Rob Gregory                   26.17  TT

2nd Andy Codd                     26.37  TT

3rd Fraser Lilley                   29.33  RB

4th Paul Freeman                 29.53  RB

5th Stephen Cockerham        30.27  TT

6th Mark Leeson                  30.59  TT

7th Jim Girven                     32.15  RB

8th Mike Overton                 35.21  TT