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Sunday 21st November- There will be two club rides leaving Costa Coffee at 9am. Michael Adlington will lead Group A on a 45 mile route and Paul Freeman will lead the social ride Group B on a 33 mile route. Both rides will be to the pace of the slowest rider and averages will be determined by who is on the ride that morning.

Group A route map     Group B route map

Saturday 21st November- TVRC Presentation Evening will be held at The Ferry House, East Stockwith, 7.30pm.

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We are committed to making cycling more accessible for everyone in our area. We want everyone to feel welcome and like there is something for them at Trent Valley Road Club.

The committee is currently expanding our existing Come and Try it series with shorter social rides and more events aimed specifically at beginners.

Check out or Just for Beginners page by clicking HERE

Sunday 22nd Club Ride (group A) - It was a good turn out of 6 riders at costa coffee to ride the group A route at 9, the temperture dropped this sunday but we all made sure to wear extra layers, the group rode out to Blyton, Waddington where there was some interesting roads with bends but we rode carefully  because of some ice, the riders carefully carried on through Snitterby,Bishop Norton, Glentham, Saxilby ,Spridlington, up Ingham Hill, Glentworth, Upton and then back home. it was a 45 mile ride with an average of 16,8 mph.

Michael Adlington


Sunday 22nd club ride (group B) - Four TVRC riders rode out from Costa Coffee for the (b) Group social ride to Broomwagon Velo Café in Retford. We headed off down Ramper Road to Saundby and then turned left towards Sturton le Steeple, heading to North Leverton. We rode up Leverton Hill towards Retford, which slowed me (Michaela) down a bit, but by the final bit of hill we had all gained our climbing legs! After a stop at Broomwagon Velo Café (who do a marvellous deal of coffee, bacon sandwich and cake for a fiver) we headed out towards Lound, to climb a few more hills towards Mattersey. We had a little detour through the lovely little village of Wiseton, which was a bit dicey in places as there was quite a lot of mud on the road, but we all managed to stay on our bikes. We then headed to Clayworth and turned left to go up towards Gringley on the Hill. I don't know what it is about that road, but to me it always seems a long drag and my lungs were gasping for air by the time I'd crossed the dual carriageway and got to the top of the hill. We sailed down the hill and then rode on to Misterton, as that was where two of the riders were heading. We dropped them off and continued back to Gainsborough, bumping into one of the Group (a) riders on the way down the Trentside Towpath. It was a great ride, a lot of fund, but a little big longer than we'd planned (ended up being 37 miles), with quite a decent amount of hills. However, the weather stayed dry and mainly sunny, and as with Group (a), we'd all worn sensible clothing for the weather conditions.

Report by Michaela Freeman


Sunday 22nd Nov saw a Lincs CX championship race at RAF Cranwell -  A long course with fast and varied terrain that was well suited to coping with the 89 entries in the Vets race. There seemed to be lots of out of county riders including Carl Sturgeon ex MTB National Champ. The first 3rd of the lap after the start avoided several corners and challenging sections and provided the drag race to string the riders out as well as sending heart rates into orbit! Latest championship standings for Vet50 Jay Hodson and I and the Seniors with James Vickers can be found below. The top 4 V50 spots seem pretty set as long as we all keep showing up, its the best 7 results of 9 races that count. Although top spot in the Seniors appears sorted, James 5th looks a bit more dynamic with various options depending on who shows up for the remaining 3 championship races. This Sunday's venue is WInterton for a Trophy Series race, a sub-league where anyone in the top 3 from previous year is ineligible for points, best 4 of 5 races count, but standings have yet to be been published.

Steve Walker




21st November TVRC Awards Night - Gainsborough’s Trent Valley Road Cycling Club held its annual awards night on Saturday evening 21st of November at the Ferry House Inn,East Stockwith. Over 40 members attended and enjoyed an excellent buffet before the awards ceremony got underway. Chairman Mike Overton started off by thanking everyone who had helped out during the year,especially the hard working committee,before presenting a bouquet of flowers to his wife Irene in appreciation of her catering skills for the club throughout the year. In the early season’s Reliability Rides 20 members qualified for medals and these were now presented.

The club awards were voted for on the night with Mike Overton picking up most valued member, Rob Gregory most improved rider, and for the 2nd year running Paul Freeman gets the Crank of the Year trophy. On to the racing awards and 1st up was Ross Williams(fastest Juvenile/Junior), next Stephen Cockerham(3rd time trial h/cap league), Paul Brownless( 2nd time trial scratch league), Cliff Williams(3rd road bike scratch league,3rd road bike h/cap league),Rob Gregory(3rd time trial scratch league,2nd time trial h/cap league), Paul Freeman(2nd road bike scratch league,2nd road bike h/cap league,3rd road race league), Michael Adlington( 2015 road race Champion), Samantha Ritson(2015 ladies club Champion), Paul Pycroft(1st road bike scratch league,1st road bike h/cap league,2nd road race league),and finally Andy Codd(1st time trial scratch league,1st time trial h/cap league,2015 25 mile time trial Champion).



































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