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Sunday 12th February- Trent Valley Road Club Reliability Trial Course S.S.H.G.33

Distance: 33miles    9am from 30 Marlow Road

Course Sturton,Scampton,Harpswell Gainsborough.


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2nd Reliability Trial of 2017 (12th February)

Today's results on a horrible wet cold Sunday as follows, Rob Gregory  (cat B 18mph )qualifying time 1hr 50mins brilliant solo ride to finish just outside the 20mph qualifying time in 1-39-47. Gary Reevell (cat D 14mph) qualifying time 2hrs 21mins rode the course short but still qualified as he was so far ahead of the 14mph average finished in 1-50-30. Steve Cockerham (cat D 14mph) 2-00-53.Rob Brooks (cat D 14mph) 2-11-44. Aden Bott (cat D 14mph) 2-29-09.


1st reliability trial of 2017.

Today, 15th January, saw the first TVRC reliability ride take place. The weather was to say the least a little damp but that didn't stop 8 riders taking part on the 23 mile course. All riders qualified, results as follows,


Category B, 18mph.

Lucy Overton & Rob Gregory 1:08:50

Mark Leeson & Jeremy Hodson  1:13:00

Category C, 16mph.

Steve Cockerham 1:20:34

Rob Brooks  1:24:17

Category D, 14mph.

Kevin Dunne  1:24:17

Aden Bott  1:35:46


Well done to everyone that took part.



Andy Codd 

25 mile time trial Champion  (58-51)  Trophy     

1st Time Trial scratch league  (190pts)  Trophy

2nd Time Trial H/cap league   (135pts)       


Steve Cockerham

Men’s Club Champion 2016   (939pts)  Trophy    

Road Race Champion  2016   (294pts)  Trophy    

1st Time Trial H/cap league    (137pts)  Trophy    

3rd Time Trial scratch league (129pts)


Darren Dickinson

1st Road Bike scratch league  (89pts)   Trophy    

2nd Road Bike H/cap league   (58pts)


Jim Girven 

1st Road Bike H/cap league    (66pts)   Trophy    

2nd Road Bike scratch league (80pts)


Steve Walker 

2nd Time Trial scratch league (160pts)      

2nd Men’s Club Championship (559pts)      

3rd Time Trial H/cap league    (128pts)


Samantha Ritson

Ladies Club Champion 2016   (163pts)


George Bramham

3rd Road Bike scratch league  (52pts)       

3rd Road Bike H/cap league    (39pts)


Mark Leeson 

3rd Men’s Club Championship (495pts)


Lucy Overton 

2nd Ladies Club Championship (120pts)


Jim Girven 

Most improved rider 2016


Reliability Medals  awarded to: Samantha Ritson,Gary Reevell,Jeremy Hodson,Michael Adlington,Rob Brooks,Kieran Sandall,Steve Walker,Aden Bott,Michaela Freeman,Paul Freeman,Steve Cockerham,Mark Leeson,Darren Dickinson.





































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