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Sunday 24th June- The club rides will be leaving Costa Coffee at Marshalls Yard at 8.30am. One ride will be a social ride which stops for coffee mid way and the second ride is faster paced with no coffee stop. Both rides will be paced according to ability and no one will be left behind.


Sunday club routes


 Tuesday 26th June- This TT will be hosted by TVRC. It is 8.3/17/25 miles on TV25/1, starting on Laughton Lane at 7.00pm.


Thursday 12th July- Circuit Road Racing at the Lincolnshire Showground starting at 7.00pm.


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We are committed to making cycling more accessible for everyone in our area. We want everyone to feel welcome and like there is something for them at Trent Valley Road Club.




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Tuesday 19th June - TVRC results on 9 mile GA9/2

1st Rob Gregory                      20.45 TT

2nd Andy Codd                        20.49 TT

3rd Mark Lammiman               21.42 RB

4th Darren Dickinson              23.07 RB

5th Stephen Cockerham         23.33 TT

6th Bob Ferraby                      25.16 RB


Tuesday 12th June -TVRC results on 10.5 mile TV10/2

1st Andy Codd                        25.06 TT

2nd Mark Lammiman             25.50 RB

3rd Stephen Cockerham        26.59 TT

4th Darren Dickinson             27.24 RB

5th Fraser Lilley                     27.39 RB

6th Bob Ferraby                     30.32 RB

Day rider

Michal Cybulski                      24.17 TT


Tuesday 5th June - TVRC results on 8.3 mile GA8/1

1st Andy Codd                       20.01 TT

2nd Mark Lammiman            20.50 RB

3rd Fraser Lilley                    22.20 RB

4th Stephen Cockerham       22.41 TT

5th Mike Overton                  26.28 TT

     Tom Palmer                     DNF


Tuesday 29th May - TVRC results on 10.5 mile TV10/2

1st Rob Gregory                    23.58 TT

2nd Andy Codd                      24.03 TT

3rd Steve Walker                  24.06 TT

4th Stephen Cockerham       26.43 TT

5th Darren Dickinsn             27.46 RB

6th Bob Ferraby                   29.25 RB


Tuesday 22nd May - TVRC results on 10 mile GA10/1


1st Rob Gregory                  23.12  TT

2nd Andy Codd                    23.13  TT

3rd Mark Lammiman           24.15  RB

4th Fraser Lilley                  25.36  RB

5th Stephen Cockerham     26.33  TT

6th Bob Ferraby                  28.30  RB

7th Mike Overton                31.01  TT

8th Tom Palmer                  32.37  TT


Tuesday 15th May - TVRC results 0n 10 mile TV10/1 Knaith

1st  Andy Codd                   24.48  TT

2nd Stephen Cockerham    28.25  TT

3rd Bob Ferraby                 30.58  RB


Tuesday 8th May - TVRC results on 10.5 mile TV10/2


1st  Andy Codd                  24.44  TT

2nd Rob Gregory               26.01  TT

3rd Stephen Cockerham   28.20  TT

4th Fraser Lilley                29.41  RB

5th Bob Ferraby                31.18  TT

6th Mike Overton              33.31  TT


17 Mile

Lucy Overton                     45.40  TT